Soil Maintenance Tips

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Healthy soil is key to a healthy and happy landscape, whether you’re growing vegetables or ornamentals.  Here are 5 easy steps to improve the health of your soil.

  1. Get asoil testto find out if your soil has any major deficiencies.
  2. At least once a year, turn two or three inches of compost into your planting areas, or top dress with a mixture of compost and mulch.  Top turf areas with one inch of compost.
  3. Keep all planting area covered with at least two inches of mulch.  Wood chips, dry leaves, pine needles, or coarse compost are all good options.
  4. In vegetable gardens, rotate crops when possible or alternate with cover crops (buckwheat and field peas, for example)
  5. Use herbicides as as last resort if at all, and if you have pest problems, follow the guidlines of Integrated Pest Management.

For more information about soils and optimum growing conditions, consult a certified professional landscaper or nursery professional in your area.

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