Gift Ideas From Your Garden

By July 17, 2017Uncategorized

Looking for green gift ideas?  How about an edible bouquet of garden greens?

An arrangement of Swiss chard, fennel, and baby carrots with green tops makes a lovely gift for a dinner party hostess who appreciates fresh, homegrown food.  Wash the vegetables, trim stems as desired, and place in a glass vase filled with water.  Or if the hostess is a foodie who loves Italian-inspired recipes, present her with a pesto bouquet.  Place leafy cuttings of Red Rubin basil, sweet basil, and lemon basil in a small vase filled with water.  And finally, if the hostess is particularly health-conscious, consider giving her a mixed bouquet of fresh kale (green curled, winter red, and blue curled) wrapped in brown wax paper and tied with jute string.

A potted rose is a gift that keeps on giving

Plant a white KnockOut rose in a white ceramic pot and present it as a wedding gift.  Add some slow-release fertilizer to the potting mix (if it doesn’t already contain fertilizer).  Wrap a length of white ribbon around the pot and tie the ends into a bow.  Attach your greeting card to the bow.  A white rose as a wedding gift celebrates youth and innocence and sends best wishes for a life filled with love and growth.

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