What is Lawn & Garden Tax Holiday?

Memorial Day Weekend  May 25 – May 27, 2024

Over Memorial Day Weekend, retailers can sell select water-saving products without charging sales tax (includes all plants & more). Below is a list of the items that qualify for the sales tax exemption:

WaterSense Products During Memorial Day Weekend, retailers do not need to charge sales tax on any product tax-free that displays a WaterSense label or logo. These items can be bought for either personal or business purposes.

Water-Conserving Products Consumers can also purchase certain water-conserving products tax-free. Unlike WaterSense-labeled items, these items are only exempt when purchased for use at a residential property.

Items are tax-free during the holiday that are used or planted for:

  • conserving or retaining groundwater;
  • recharging water tables; or
  • decreasing ambient air temperature, and so limiting water evaporation

Examples of items that qualify for the exemption include:

  • a soaker or drip-irrigation hose
  • a moisture control for a sprinkler or irrigation system
  • mulch
  • a rain barrel or an alternative rain and moisture collection system
  • a permeable ground cover surface that allows water to reach underground basins, aquifers or water collection points
  • all plants, trees and grasses
  • water-saving surfactants
  • soil and compost

Examples of items that do not qualify for the exemption include:

  • construction/building materials
  • awnings and other items used to create shade
  • air conditioners
  • ceiling fans
  • sprinklers

Get more information from the Texas Comptroller here: https://www.comptroller.texas.gov/taxes/publications/98-1018.php


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